Getting Creepy

1,753 fiction words, 1,919 total words

I have a character in my book that just popped in unexpectedly and is turning the story from general blah (oh dear…back to that in a moment) into horror.

Just for a few minutes though. Maybe a chapter or two.

When I tried to think of the genre there for a moment, all I could think of was “blah”. I bet that was my subconscious trying to tell me the story is boring. That’s not good. It’s supposed to be fantasy (I think). Magic, but also heroes and villains.

Well, at any rate I wrote more last night and yesterday morning. Less last night, but I was amused that when it was time to write I stretched out on the sofa, put my legs up on the back of the sofa, and tipped my head nearly off of it. It’s not particularly easy to write like that because my arm gets squished between me and the sofa cushions, but it’s comfortable otherwise. When I write in the morning on my bed I tend to sit up, curl up a leg, lay down, prop my legs on the wall, roll onto my stomach, and write in all of those positions throughout the 30-minute session.

It’s probably interesting to watch. Less fun for the cats that want to share the bed with me, because all of this moving around is not share-friendly.

1,753 fiction words, 1,919 total words

So if I can keep this up, I will likely finish the story in August. I am toying with the idea, though, of taking a day or two and writing a short story. Did I already mention that? Because I nearly posted it on Facebook but didn’t. The thought is that it’s easier and faster to turn those over into published pieces. Pieces published means pieces available to purchase.

Alliteration abounds.

I’m off to start my morning. I hope yours is lovely!

Writing with Friends

562 fiction words, 1,361 total words

I actually did write a few words last night, but most of my time was spent teaching someone about my #bujo, and encouraging them to start their own. It was nice. I also got a bit of grocery shopping done, and I made it out of the store spending less than $60 (which is what usually happens at that store). So that’s a win.

562 fiction words, 1,361 total words

Not as many fiction words as the day before. I’m stuck a bit, and I was short on time yesterday. This morning I’m going to get unstuck and write more. Then I’ll get back on track.

And maybe I’ll finish the book this month, which would be awesome. I need to take some time to write some shorter fiction that doesn’t require print books, and thus is faster to get to publication.

Oh, I also need to do the Income & Expenses post. Tsk. I’ll add that to my task list for tonight.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!

Shadow is a butt

2,038 fiction words, 2,473 total words

According to Junior Youth, the cat that doesn’t want to be cuddled and pet any longer is a butt. Makes sense. (To a point. Kitty needs a break.) Anyway, I asked for a title, and a title she delivered.

So yesterday was better than Sunday in terms of mood. I got more written, I felt more productive.

This morning, not so much.

Anyway, on to the numbers.

2,038 fiction words, 2,473 total words

I need to add a tab or field in my spreadsheet somewhere that tells me my highest word count day because if I’d realized I was so close, I would have pushed for a few more words. I did that a couple times previously when I realized I was close to 1,667, then 2,000. Another fifty words would have been easy.

Ah well.

DH did the dishes, I made beans (kind of), and quinoa (definitely), and I made supper for one kid and DH helped the other. So yeah, it was good.

Today probably won’t be as prolific, but hopefully will still be fun.

Ready, Set…

779 fiction words, 1,223 total words

I’d like this week to be better than yesterday’s stress-a-palooza, please.

I fought through words on Sunday. I ought to have made myself do the same on Saturday.

779 fiction words, 1,223 total words

Not bad words, either. Except I really don’t know where this story is going, or if even, at 32,223 words, I’m almost ready to wrap up, or if there’s still 20,000 words left.

I kind of think I’ve stalled, so I probably should write more for the ones I end up cutting out.

To say that I’m pleased with my numbers for the past week would be an understatement. It’s been a while since I wrote so much. Thank you, morning writing. As much as I might have claimed in the past to be a night owl, I get the most done in the morning. Period.

Or at least I did last week.

Before I squeeze that block of words for 2017, I just realized I haven’t done the Income and Expenses for July yet. I’ll try to get to that this week.

August fiction total: 5,860
July fiction total:
June fiction total: 10,577
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 82,905

Look at that. I’m already doing better than May. Hah!

Productive Days

0 fiction words, 569 total words

Of all the things I got done yesterday, writing fiction was not one of them.

0 fiction words, 569 total words

I did laundry, which involved picking up my grandma’s laundry on the way and then dropping it off on the way home. We washed sheets, too, which added another bag to lug clean laundry home in. I can’t leave my car behind the house because it blocks the alley, so I had to move the car again after getting home.

Oh, and I went shopping for produce and came home with a good quantity for $14 and change. I was very pleased with that. I’m so grateful we have good produce markets with reasonable prices where I live. I’m very lucky that I can take advantage of those.

Today the car is getting the rear brakes looked at, and an oil change. I think DH is taking care of both that and the grocery shopping, so the rest of my day is going to be finances and trash. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’m trying to find budgeting software that works for my budget (ha ha – I don’t have one, thus the problem) and doesn’t put my information online. It’s not that I don’t trust the Internet, but…

I’m off, now, before I forget to publish this.

Simmering Hunger

1,045 fiction words, 1,382 total words

That subject reads like a romance novel. It’s better than my first subject, though, that was just “Waaah.” Yeah, I don’t know.

So it’s laundry day. It’s taking more time lately because we’re also doing my grandmother’s laundry. I woke at 7 this morning, though, and we got a nice and early start. Hopefully, that will help and we’ll get back home while people are still awake and able to help with bringing things in.

Yesterday was a good day, right up until it wasn’t. I had an amazing smoothie experience for my morning snack, I had a good lunch, and I was going to go to a friend’s party.

And then the time came for the party, and I was scared (I have a little bit of social anxiety), and then I remembered I was supposed to do something with Elder Youth that evening, and he’d been really excited about it, so I was not only scared but sad that I’d disappointed him.

I told my friend I couldn’t come to the party and went home to find a minor plumbing issue in process. I helped deal with that, then did the thing with Elder Youth (which was fun.

My day ended with a considerable amount of stress over household finances, and yeah. Quite ugh.

But, I wrote a few words:

1,045 fiction words, 1,382 total words

And I blogged over at the other place (veg*ism).

And I just figured out that I hadn’t had my spreadsheet set up correctly for the past few days, and so I wrote a few more “total words” over the past day or three than I actually reported. (It’s okay – it’s the fiction words that really count.)

That was a completely rambly post, but I think I’m done now. Today has been better so far, although I’m starving right now. I’m going to go visit a place with lots of produce and buy a bit of food. Kale, since I’m out now. Bananas. Sweet potatoes. And maybe that’s it I think. Parsley, I think, because I’d like to make some Tabouleh. I’m armed with my mom’s recipe.


392 fiction words, 679 total words

I’m much more tired this morning than I have been in a while. Maybe sluggish is a better word for it. Yesterday I only had 12 oz of coffee – would that be it? Unknown.

I was sluggish and tired last night as well, which is why I didn’t get as many words as I have the past two days.

392 fiction words, 679 total words

I woke early yesterday, too. I didn’t take my morning half hour to write, though. I had made the smoothie and spent some extra time getting ready, and then headed into work early. There was an errand smack in the middle of my day, so I wanted to get a jump-start on work so it didn’t feel so odd going in for less than two hours, then leaving right away.

Today, though. Today I can take the time.

Oh, I’ve been adding less and less sugar and creamer to my coffee every morning in hopes that I can eliminate them both from my routine. It will make coffee prep faster, for one, and also the reason I switched to coffee was less sugar. It would be great if I could stop adding sugar to the thing I’m getting less sugar from. Hehehe.

Lessons Learned

826 fiction words, 1,188 total words
  1. Writing in the morning immediately after my shower for 30 minutes is still working well. I shall continue.
  2. The cats don’t like the new blender. I will try not to feed them before playing with my toys so they still have an appetite when breakfast rolls around.

826 fiction words, 1,188 total words

Yesterday was good. Like I said, I wrote in the morning after my shower in time I would usually just screw around on the Internets, not really doing anything. It worked out, though I didn’t write for the full 30, losing a few minutes at the end to Distractions.

I had a really full supper last night, and oy – I’m never doing that again. I almost wasn’t hungry still this morning. It’s been a really long time since I ate quite that much.

Today will be a strange day as I head off to work early, leave work for an early, long lunch full of errands, so I can return to the office again in the afternoon. I kind of hate when I have to schedule things like that, but I forgot the paperwork I needed for today to get things done in the morning. It should actually work out for the better, in the end, I think.

We’ll see.

I have a blog at I have used it and not used it over the years as I get distracted by Things and Stuff. I’ve kicked it up again to start talking about all the weird new things I’m doing to my body these days – healthy food, stuff like that. You’re welcome to go over if you like, and you’re welcome to ignore it, too. It’s mostly for me, I think. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Randomness: Health & Body

So random question – I’m thinking of maybe sort of recording digitally, through blog or photos or video or all three, my current poking and plodding through the new-to-me world of vegetarian foods, frugal eating, health, exercise. I’m unsure where to home it. I think Instagram and YouTube hold the most promise in terms of potentially monetizing things in the future, but I’m not certain I’m up to trying to keep up with another set of platforms. I like having my blog here, and I like being able to put whatever I want here (on – I know it also goes elsewhere), but this is me and writing, not me and health, food, or fitness.

Do you think I should just set up a side blog?

Or if I do this, should I keep it here with perhaps a special featured image and content behind a “More” tag so people who aren’t interested don’t have to slog through it?


Morning Writing

1,226 fiction words, 1,413 total words

Greetings and Salutations! Writing in the morning worked yesterday, as well. I even wrote about 300 words with my wrediting friends, so writing-wise, the day was a success!

1,226 fiction words, 1,413 total words

I don’t know how many days it’s been since I wrote that much, and I’m not going to look back to see right now, but I’m sure it’s been over a month. Maybe this month I’ll get a week of 1k+ days – although, at this point, I’d be happy just to have two 1k days in a row.

The day could be considered a success otherwise as well. I made it through a day at the office, everything at the house stayed in one piece, and I don’t think either child hates me. A good day, I think.d