Zombie Mode: Enabled

I had been trying to reply to all comments. I had been trying to visit and comment on the blogs of friends. In the last couple days, I can’t even keep on top of my regular routine, and I’m pretty sure it’s only because I’m forcing blog posts and a bit of writing before leaving the house in the morning that I get that much done.

This morning I’m pretty foggy, and it doesn’t help that the blowing snow is causing delays. The house is in a bit of chaos, to put it simply, and my already foggy brain is trying to tell me to just…


Yesterday I wrote 179 words before going back to sleep because the offices ended up closing completely. I woke up and made it in about noon to help move boxes onto the truck, and today we get to move them off the truck (but with considerably more people to assist us). I had a grand total of 400 words for the day, which means I blogged more than I wrote.

Well, I’ll try again today. And eventually I’ll finish this story. Probably. Hopefully.


4 Replies to “Zombie Mode: Enabled”

  1. Aw, hugs!

    It can be so hard trying to add in more to already packed days, and to do so consistently. Add in disruptions (office move, snow days, exposure to germs), and it’s a real chore. I appreciate you stopping by my blog, but I don’t expect it — and I’ll certainly understand if you can’t!

    More hugs.

    1. But I loooove to stop by! 🙂

      I keep saying that someday things will settle down, but it’s probably time to face the fact that it really won’t – it will just be new crazy shit on top of the current crazy shit, or replacing the current crazy shit. I should just get used to the shit.


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