Yesterday I spent more time on publication tasks, mainly fixing the cover formatting of Space Cats.

Yesterday I left writing until the last moment, only putting in minimal effort. I can tell when this happened in Space Cats – I ended up with rambly chapters that don’t really go anywhere fast because I was only writing 50-200 words a day and it was hard to get any momentum going.

Yesterday I was busy at the office and got a lot done using one of those productivity timers, making me want to get one for home when I’m writing. Yes, I could just set a timer. No, it doesn’t work as well. I wish 30/30 made an Android app.

Yesterday is over, today is here, and I wish I was looking forward to the productivity of the weekend. Except it’s not really there anymore, which is a bummer.

2 Replies to “Yesterday”

  1. Pomodoro! Yeah, it’s great when you can stick to it. Timed work hits two things at once for me: “I only have to keep going this long,” and “eep! Deadline is looming!” I’ve been really fortunate this week in finding a group online who wanted to do word wars.

    Yay for the work you got done yesterday, enjoy what you get done today, and look forward to whatever the weekend may bring. 🙂

    1. Pomodoro, that’s it. I knew there was a name for it. 🙂 Would you believe I completely forgot about word wars as an option for more words?

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