Writer for a day

I have the day off from my office job which means that today I am only a writer! This is lots of fun, and days like these have historically been my most productive. My productivity will be additionally boosted by both elder youth and junior youth being out of the house, assisted by my mom and aunt. Otherwise, they had the day off today, too.

So yesterday was Easter, and it was a lovely day with a bit of rain in the middle that quickly disappeared. I read quite a bit (I may have already mentioned) but got absolutely zero fiction words written.

Insert mournful song here.

I had a 105-day fiction writing streak, which I am very proud of! And I did edit yesterday, which also feels amazing. I got through the really stupid chapter that I messed up nearly beyond comprehension.

My other writing happened too, where I blog. I wrote 188 blog words yesterday, and those felt good too, in the sense that I was in a headspace that easily could have skipped all personal responsibilities for the entire day. So I pushed through and wrote the blog words, and that’s a good thing.

Today I have to catch up on scheduling the A to Z entries, which I may actually need to write first, so that might get me back on the writing streak. We shall see.

Lunch may be most important at this point.

2 Replies to “Writer for a day”

  1. Yay for writing time today, and for reading and editing yesterday!

    So sorry you broke your fiction streak. Today starts a new one!

    1. Indeed on all yays and points! I’m not even that bummed about the streak. More excited that today I may actually get something up for sale. Or at least closer to it…

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