These are not blue skies

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Not Snow

I wanted to post a picture of the snow squall this afternoon. It was pretty intense, and then BAM. Blue skies. This, as you may note, is not that picture. It didn’t want to be loaded, so I will not share it. Better believe it was pretty impressive, though.

4 Replies to “These are not blue skies”

  1. Wasn’t that amazing? 3:30, blue skies. 4:15, snow. By 4:45, blue skies again. Freakish.

    And that’s a cool picture anyway, even if it isn’t the weather. 😉

    1. It was pretty crazy. I looked out at one point (the photo I have) and the snow is flying horizontally, the skies are dark, except there’s this one particularly impressive blue streak of sky.

      I do like the water, too, but it wasn’t the snow I was aiming for. 🙂

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