Another new one

DAILY: 464 fiction words, 623 total words, 2 hours toward publishing

The week starts new today, and the month. It’ll make for a very busy day, I’m certain. At least it’ll make for a busy day here, with this weekly review and later on with a review of April.

But first, yesterday. Yesterday was busy, and I still have a bit of a spring cold which is really more of an annoyance than an actual issue. Maybe it’s actually a spring sinus thing because my ears keep popping. That’s the biggest irritant, really. At any rate, Junior Youth returned from camping. I did the last of her laundry and worked quite a bit on formatting the interior of Space Cats. I ended up starting over, but as this time I actually looked at the requirements for CreateSpace, that was probably a good thing. I think I have what I want now, I just need to grind away at it for a bit.

I also worked a tiny bit on a new series. I need to settle on the age of my antagonist. Currently, she’s pretty young, and I think I may need to age her up a bit. We’ll see how it goes. I managed 464 fiction words, 623 total words, and two hours toward publishing.

Now, on to the weekly portion of this weekly review post.

Meh. Not my best week, and that’s because I was really hesitant to start writing anything new with outstanding things to get published. But Saturday, as I’ve mentioned, I got started on something new anyway.


And then I’ll just drop this here:

April fiction total: 15,814
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 56,222

There’s actually things to say about that little block, but I’ll save it for the monthly review post in a few minutes.

Overall, the week was OK. There were four days with no fiction writing whatsoever, and I think I’m fine with that, though it feels better to be writing fiction. I will do better on the publishing front this month, especially as a friend has just published her A to Z Challenge yesterday, and that motivates me to get my butt in gear.

Three stories finished but none published yet? I need to get cracking!

Working at the desk

735 fiction words, 1,163 total words

I finally migrated from the sofa and the IKEA chair and wrote a bit at the desk last night. It was temporary, with the cord stretched across the room from its usual plug, but the writing still went well. I wrote several “W” entries in A Brief History, as well as “U”, now that I think about it, and goth both entries scheduled. So now there are just X, Y, and Z to finish, then I can start thinking about other things.

A somewhat cool and creepy thing happened yesterday involving a misspelling of my name, yelling at the person in my head, and an out-of-the-blue apology. That led to a discussion of amusing name misspellings, and the name of my next character. I’m still thinking about that 30 stories in 30 days challenge, and if I give it a crack I’ll be using that newborn character. I’m still working out his backstory, but I do have a couple of quirks lined up. (Such as nobody ever spells his name correctly.) Heh.

So because of the previously mentioned time at the desk, I cranked out 735 words of fiction and 1,163 total words yesterday. A pretty good deal. I was up late, but that happens. To get up at my preferred 5 a.m. time I really need to be in bed no later than 10:30, preferably 10, but when elder and junior youth don’t go to bed until 9 I find I don’t get in my writing headspace until after that. I can probably force the matter, it will just take practice.

I’m off to the next part of my morning, now, such as yelling at flying balls of fur and muscle to stop knocking my modem off the shelf. They’re about to get locked in the dining room if they’re not careful.

It’s a Thursday!

338 fiction words, 714 total words

Not that I ever really left, but I am back. Rather, the happy, bouncy, ready to attack the day “me” is back, replacing the meh, bored, angry at the characters in the Eloise James book I’m reading “me.”

Amusingly, Ms. James borrowed a couple characters from Julia Quinn (the Smythe-Smith girls!) for a mention in the novel I’m reading (Once Upon a Tower). I love this, and I love that I caught it.

Anyway, back to business. Yesterday was pretty awesome in that I wrote a new section of A Brief History in the morning, and then managed to pre-schedule five A-Z posts in the evening. I have only five letters left to write, and I think I should be able to get through them quickly. Like, hopefully this week.

I read about DWS’s challenge (write 30 stories in 30 or 60 days and he’ll be your first reader for a price) and was immediately intrigued. On the one hand, I don’t have $600. On the other hand, if I suddenly came into $600, I’d jump on this quickly.

Since I don’t have $600, I’m considering what kind of financial motivation I could use to try this for myself. I know I just spent April posting a piece of fiction a day, and I know five years ago I posted 1,000-2,000 words for 26 days in the same challenge, but some of that stuff (both times) was pre-written.

I want to try this challenge. I want to try to 30 in 60, so I have one day for writing and one day for publishing (ebooks on Smashwords and Amazon, and B&N if I can sort out how).

I mean, doesn’t it sound like fun? I’m already thinking covers and such. We’ll see, but yeah. I think that’s what’s going to happen in May.

Yesterday I wrote 338 fiction words and 714 words total. My daily average is creeping back down again, but you know, I can’t be bothered to put weight on that this morning. I’m just happy to be creating.

Happy Thursday!

Focus needed

Greetings! Another Saturday, more laundry. Honestly, I never thought I’d be this disciplined with doing one chore on a certain day since my childhood when Saturday meant dusting and vacuuming the house.

Actually, we ate that way, too. Friday was homemade pizza, Saturday was stir-fry, Sunday was the leftover stir-fry. Something like that, anyway. I don’t remember exactly, which is a direct result of my advancement toward adulthood. (I’m 39. I refuse to go there completely yet.)

So! Like my pretty new header? I like featured images, and I want to have them for every entry. Since I don’t have themes for lots of my days (currently only Sunday, Monday, and the 1st of every month have a theme) I’m going to start with something small for most of the days. I’m working in my words there, too, so that’s fun.

On to today’s report (because I know you saw it up there, but I’m going over it again anyway!). I wrote 240 fiction words yesterday and 546 word total. I’m not disappointed with my word counts this week, but I am disappointed with the lack of progress on other projects I’ve meant to get to. I need to put my focus hat on to get some of these Grand Plans in motion.

Today feels better in that regard, compared to the rest of the days this week. So fingers crossed.

Breaks, Oil, and Photographs

I have a friend who does amazing three item titles for her blog posts. She does it much better than I do.

Yesterday on the way to my writing group my breaks started sticking after I needed to stop suddenly in highway traffic. And I need an oil change, so I called my preferred shop. I called twice before I got through, and then they asked to call me back. A half hour before they closed they finally returned my call, so they must have been quite busy. (I’m not complaining, just noting.)

I wrote a bit – 167 fiction words that I need to completely rearrange this morning and 446 total words. I didn’t get much editing done, but I did get a coupon for a 50% off coupon for a stock photo subscription.

I’m torn. I could totally use the subscription. Right now hiring a cover designer is outside of my budget, but $50 for 300 images, assuming I remember to get them all in time, is exactly inside it. But Spot (my car) will need breaks, or at least something caliper somethingorother. Last night I think I had settled on not ordering the images, but now I’m double thinking that again. Because that’s what I do! Analysis paralysis for the win!

This post was written by zombies

A green outline around a pink box with the words Tuesday is Funday! over a background of an outdoor table and chair on the second floor of a local grocery store

In case there was any doubt, that would be me (and Junior Youth), and it would be because I found a new novel to chew through and it’s a lovely Cinderella story. A Kiss at Midnight, it’s called, by Eloisa James. The Cinderella character is angry, and talks back to her step-mother, and I love it. She’s snarky.

Yesterday was Junior Youth’s orchestral concert with the elementary, middle school, and high-school orchestra. 300 kids from 6 schools (our district has 4 elementary schools) that had gotten together for the first time only two hours before the concert to rehearse.

They did a lovely job.

I only wrote (as a result) 128 fiction words (and 556 total). I did some editing on 001, read a little less than 39% of my book, watched more YouTube than I should (Alyse from Raw Alignment did something clickbaity and was upset when everyone called her on it, then changed the title of the video and posted an apology – I think she should have stuck with it and addressed it next time quickly with no apology), and…I think that’s it. (Now Grammarly is going to tell me that’s an unnecessary ellipsis. Grammarly, why don’t you love the ellipses? They are all unnecessary to you!)

Today is Tuesday, and I look forward to traditional Tuesday activities, through this sleepy haze I’m still trying to operate under.  That’s all I can think of, for now. Bai!

Change in focus

A two-page Bullet Journal spread behind a green text box and two white hearts that has the words Word Counting on top

Good morning! It’s Monday, and that means I get to crunch numbers again. Eventually. Let’s talk about yesterday, first!

Yesterday I went to go see Hidden Figures with my two youths and also a parental unit with an adjacent friend. I enjoyed it, and I’m glad I hauled the children to see it. They grumbled, of course, as creatures of that age are wont to do when their access to electronics are denied. But the candy and soda at the film surely helped.

I wrote only 189 words yesterday (539 total) not due to any particular block (so I tell myself) but because I’ve finished one project of moderate length and one project of short length, and editing and covers and spell grinding take a lot of time!

And that’s the transition I spoke about in today’s title: I’m going to cut myself some slack as I plug slowly along on the A-Z Challenge and try to get Space Cats  and the second work published. I could probably track hours put into publication items, but tracking time is not my strong suit. (I tend to get a little distracted here and there, and fail to mark the transition between one task and another.)

With all that out of the way, here is this week’s information:

Weekly total words: 9,234
Weekly total fiction words: 7,026
Weekly total blog words: 2,208
Difference from last week: +9%
Weekly rank: 1 (of 15)
April fiction total: 11,267
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
002* Words: 4,376

See that? Lots of words! And I had to remove 003 from the list because I finished it! *wild cheers and applause* At least, I think I did. *record scratch* You never know. It’ll end up being a short story collection at some point because the world has been stuck in my head for ages, and I’ve never gotten past the opening before, really. I mean, kind of I have, but not to the point of publication. Moving this section forward kind of feels like it means I don’t have to keep rewriting it anymore. 🙂

I anticipate next week to have fewer words, but hopefully to also be able to report of the release of two new works into the world for readers.

The clothing has been cleaned

Yesterday I got a late start with laundry, and it turned into a day when I didn’t do much but absorb some Hermitcraft on YouTube. I didn’t watch for several months, so I’m catching up. Now that they’re starting a new season, I’m doubly excited. I also have resolved to not indulge in these marathon sessions anymore. I’ll add new episodes to my queue and watch one at a time, and not sink hours upon hours into the viewing of other people playing video games.

I’m certain that resolution will last at least several days.

Because of the YouTube, I only got 570 fiction words and 829 total words. My average fiction words per day is at 525, though. February 25th was the last time it was that high. I’m slowly making my way back up!

Today involves film with family and some writing. And a post about Income & Expenses, actually. I don’t have a lot to add, but I’m sure I can pull something out of my brain. Theories to share. Stuff and things.


Oh, I also finished The Handmaid’s Tale yesterday. It’s up for free on Kindle right now, so if you’ve been interested in acquiring it, now is certainly the time. My overall opinion is one of general bafflement and intrigue. I’m glad I read it, but I don’t think I want to reread it. I’m also not certain now that I want to see the Hulu series. I’m kind of satisfied with what the book shared, and I don’t need more, or another interpretation. A funny feeling, but one I’ve encountered before.

Happy Sunday, folks!

It would help if I had a title

Yesterday was a good day, as I expected. My friend that needed the well-wishes had a good result. The office work went by quickly. And I got quite a few more entries done for A Brief History…, also known as 002.


The latter actually was the best part. I wrote 1,611 words yesterday, and 1,882 total. Today will hopefully go just as well, but at some point, my time will be consumed by cover art and the thing my friend Erin is going through right now.


They’re critical but difficult. I’m sure they’ll get easier with practice (in fact, I know they do), but per word, they’re the most time-consuming piece of publishing for me.

Cover art comes a close second. I actually had the idea that I was going to go for covers without tons of images, hopefully saving myself some money up front, but I’m not sure how that will go. You’ll see, I expect, when I have Space Cats up for sale.

That’s everything for now. I thought, since I woke early, I might go back to bed this morning, but I think naps between loads of laundry is much more plausible at this point.


F is for Feeding – #AtoZChallenge

I seem to be starting all my entries with, “You know this, but you didn’t really know this!” Sorry about that. Please enjoy this selection from A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof by Sarah Ever.  Written by the main character from Space Cats from Space, these entries form a resource for feline companions to help them ease the transition from cat “owner” to their true role as caretaker and, possibly, human slave. Please enjoy! Continue reading “F is for Feeding – #AtoZChallenge”