June Review

June Review 2017

It’s July! And because I realized June was due to end before it actually did so, this entry is on time. I’m so proud of myself.

Here’s a little trivia for you, too, as I set the featured image for today. I keep a spreadsheet of all my blog and fiction words written in a month, and for my monthly review headers I’ve taken a screencap of the spreadsheet just for the month. So if you look at the past headers, each one has the days for the month along with the notes for the day in the background. Suitably blurred, of course, because it acts as a bit of a diary for me as well.


My fiction words (the ones that are important to me, if I’m honest) came in at 10,577. Good news – I beat May’s words! And February’s, too, making it the third lowest month, or the fourth highest, depending on whether you’re feeling optimistic or pessimistic. My average words per day for June were 353, and 426 for the year. As these numbers are better than May, I am happy.


Blog words came in lower than fiction words – 8,488! The game I’m playing with myself right now is that I try to write more fiction than blog words. There’s no prize, I just feel good when I manage it.

Best Writing Day

My best writing day came this week, actually. I wrote 1,240 fiction words on Monday, June 26th. It was my best fiction day since April, by far. It wasn’t my only 4-digit day this month, though, so I’d like to also bestow some honor on Sunday, June 4th.

June’s Goal

June’s goal was to write more than May, and I did it! By over 4,000 words. I’m pleased. It may have been considered a weak goal when I set it, but it was a goal I met, and that’s always a boost.

July’s Goal

I don’t know about July’s goal. I’m going to be busy, so big goals will be hard. Let me just list all the things I’d like to do sometime in the second half of the year that I can reasonably forsee and we’ll pick and choose from that list.

  1. Publish A Brief History of Space Cats and the Care and Feeding Thereof
    This is actually written, I just need to make a final pass-through of the print proof and get the ebooks up.
  2. Finish 004, currently untitled
    I’m 17,000 words in, and there’s quite a bit to go. It’s unlikely I’ll finish this enough to publish in July.
  3. Publish 003, currently untitled
  4. Decide on another project to start once 004 is done
  5. Write more than 10,000 in a week
  6. Write more than 1,000 words every day for a month
  7. Write 1,667 words per day in a month that isn’t November

That looks good! I don’t know which I’ll manage in July, but I think writing more than 10,000 in a week is possible sometime in the month, and the first one, getting A Brief History published, could be managed toward the end of July. So that’s vague, but there’s a goal in here somewhere!

That’s the end of the June review, I believe. I’m off to write words soon, I think, and maybe pictures.

Monday is here again

238 fiction words, 440 total words

Good morning! ^_^

Yesterday was Father’s day, and I did my best to make sure my husband had a good day. I didn’t neglect my father, either, but I felt like I needed to compensate for my kids (instead of, you know, including them). At any rate, I hope my dad and husband know they’re loved as fathers.

I went shopping twice, once for sundries and once for groceries. I also made Cheese Toasties (grilled cheese sandwiches) for supper which went over very well. I got Elder Youth to mow, and Junior Youth to take care of some chores that had been neglected. All in all, it went well.

I also wrote, near the end of the day, but I did it solely so I could Minecraft without guilt. I’m trying desperately to build a slime farm, and it’s not working.

238 fiction words, 440 total words

And there’s more!

Week 25 took a small hit to words. I plugged along diligently, managing more fiction than blog words nearly all days. In fact, the only reason there’s more blog than fiction is due to a particularly lengthy book review that took 600 words. Otherwise, the numbers would have leaned the other direction.

This coming week may be difficult to keep my counts up, unless I manage some spectacular numbers early. I have a quick trip to almost Chicago this weekend, starting Friday night and ending Sunday afternoon, and I don’t expect to get much more than token words done. It’s a 671 mile drive, and I’ll be trying it on my own on the way out. On the way back there will be an extra driver to trade with. I do plan on taking my writing laptop, so we’ll see.

June fiction total: 6,967
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 69,296

An uptick, but a slow one

DAILY: 472 fiction words, 650 total words

Some progress is better than no progress any day of the week.

DAILY: 472 fiction words, 650 total words

Yesterday was full of laundry and not much writing since I planned poorly and forgot to bring the writing computer when I brought a Youth as well. I made up for it in the evening, but not enough to make it a 10K week. I knew that was coming, so the blow was lessened, at least.

Overall the week was a win. I increased words over the previous week, and my week was ranked in the single digits. Now that we’re approaching the halfway point of the year, this becomes more impressive.

June fiction total: 5,403
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 67,732

I’m pleased that June has almost surpassed May’s words. I’m going to hit that this week, I’m sure, and that will begin washing the bad taste out of my brain.

My Google Sheets says my average words per day are hitting 180, but my calculations are also off (it’s actually 491). I’ll have to look into how I can make Sheets realize how many days have passed and then divide my total by that number instead of the total days of the month. I may just need to change the number manually, which is no fun, but certainly easier.

I’m off for the day. Apologies for the brevity, but I have things to get done.

Happy Monday to all!


May Review

May was over yesterday, and it completely slipped by me that I had this to do. Even though I keep a Bullet Journal, a planner designed to keep me on track and let me know what things must be done when, I still forget little things. That’s human. I must keep reminding myself of that.

So my words, fiction or otherwise, were so much lower than I want. I didn’t grind to a halt entirely, but my output was so sad, I would like to throw out a couple four-letter descriptives. But I won’t.  Because that won’t help. But I still want to. So there.

Let’s see – in May I wrote 6,107 fiction words, my slowest month yet by a good 3,000 words. I had three times more words in January, and twice as many in March, April splitting the difference between the two. My average fiction words per day was a sluggish 197 for may, and it settled down to 413 per day for the year.

Blog words ran high at 10,691, slightly higher than April by just a couple hundred. What can I say? Apparently, I’m better at blathering on about nothing than I am at turning stories. Well, I’m at least more comfortable with it. I don’t worry so much about what’s going down, and I look forward to getting that comfortable with my writing. I’m good at telling stories. It’s easy to forget that.

My best writing day was rather recently, May 29th, with 657 words. Memorial Day, so that makes sense, as I had the day off. The only story I wrote on all month – plugged on, chugged on, slowly dripped words on – was 004. Bleh.

I also managed to publish Space Cats from Space this month, in print and ebook on a variety of sites. I’m still working on publishing A Brief History – the print book is waiting for me to receive the proof copy, and the ebooks are waiting for the same. I always find lots of things to fix in the print copy that I never see anywhere else.

May was generally a busy month, with lots of extracurricular things going on that did not directly revolve around me or my writing. I made a mean chauffeur, though, ferrying others around to the things that needed doing, and spent a lot of my down time with Minecraft and more recently, a rewatch of Downton Abbey.

My goal for May was to get all the things published, and I didn’t manage it. My goal from June is simply to write more words than May. I need a small goal I can manage.

Before I look at anything else

318 fiction words, 613 total words, 2.25 hours toward publishing

Like the title says. This before I look at anything else, even though my Facebook tab and Feedly tab both have those delightful, clickable blue dots indicating there are new things to look at. New highlights, new news, new gossip. Ah, the pull!

Yesterday went well and was rather relaxing. I watched a couple movies in the evening. Where the Heart Is is one of those films I love but don’t know why I didn’t see when it first came out. I bought it on Vudu a couple days ago when it must have been on sale (almost the only time I buy movies on Vudu), and I saw it with Junior Youth last night.

I forgot that it was mildly inappropriate. All I remembered was Novalee and Sister Husband and Forney and Lexie. I didn’t remember that all the characters had such great names. I didn’t remember that Forney was played by the same actor who played Cromwell in The Tudors. Forney is one of my favorite romantic heroes.

Well, moving on!

This is a weekly review day, apparently! So yesterday I wrote 318 fiction words, 613 total words, and spent 2.25 hours toward publishing. My fiction words I got in early so I wouldn’t forget, but also were written while watching TV. I must stop that. The publishing was all print book formatting, also done while watching TV. This is more acceptable, as print formatting is kind of a grind. There’s still a bit more to do there.

Last week (now we actually get to the review bit) was heavy in publishing activities and light in writing. I’m only keeping track of my publishing time in the header images for the day. They’re not really getting written down anywhere else, so there won’t be a total for that. But the rest of the week looked as follows:

Weekly Review - Week 20

May fiction total: 3,449
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 59,671

So not bad. Down from last week by over a third, and low words overall. It makes sense to me as last week my mood was also depressed (as in down, dampened, not the diagnosis). It all goes together.

I don’t know what my mood is like, so I don’t know what this week will be like. But the hopes is that I get A Brief History ready for proof copy, and I have another thing to get up for publication that might happen this week. Maybe.

We shall see!

Starting a busy week

DAILY: 0 fiction words, 1104 total words, .75 hours toward publishing

I’m getting ready to start a week where everything is not the same as always. There are additional events to attend and things in the schedule to juggle, and these things make me anxious. I’ll be relieved and back on track sometime after next Thursday.

That’s a long time to be on edge.

Surprisingly, the past week went well for words. I’m going to blame the blog because I wrote considerably more there than in fiction. See yesterday (0 fiction words, 1104 total words, .75 hours toward publishing) as a prime example.

Yesterday itself was productive in that I wrote three blog posts before bed, but not at all because I didn’t get any fiction done. That’s a disappointment – I really like my story. I did get some editing done, working on getting A Brief History‘s ebook formatted. Once that’s done I’ll turn to the print interior, print exterior, then ebook cover. I need the cover blurbs, too. That will probably be the only challenge.

Statblock - week 19

May fiction total: 1,934
April fiction total:
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 58,156

I hope everyone’s Monday is smooth and if not relaxing, at least not anxiety-producing.

April Review

April Review

Oh, April. You were a good month for words, but not a great month for streaks.

Hai! I’m back with numbers for April, which, as I mentioned, was a good month for words. Actually, at 15,814 fiction words, it came in second place behind January (18,615) and before March (12,576). My average fiction words per day in April, then, come to 527 (although it still stands at 469 for the year).

My blog words came in at 10,456. I’m happy they’re lower – they should be! And if the balance ever tips in the other direction, that’ll be a good measure of when my priorities have slid. (Or perhaps that something is really wrong. One of those.)

My best writing day was April Fool’s Day, with 2,613 words. It was a Saturday, which makes sense, and apparently, the writing was all in one piece. I noted that I was in the process of both 002 and 003, so I’m not sure which one got all the words. I’m going to guess it was 003 since that was the day I started it.

Let’s see – other things that managed in April. I started (and finished) a short story for a pen name (003), I watched a lot of movies, I read a lot of books, and I successfully finished the A to Z blogging challenge (except for the fact that I rarely was able to find time to comment on other blogs, and I didn’t add my posts to the blog posts on the A to Z website).

Something I didn’t manage in April was to get my daily average word per day up to 2,000. That was a long shot, and I forgot about it nearly as soon as I made the goal, actually. I could be funny and make my May goal to simply remember that I made a May goal, but that’s no fun.

I think May’s goal is to get the three finished works I have in my pile published no later than the 15th and to finish and publish at least one more work by the end of the month. That will mean getting a system in place, having templates, and trying not to be so particular. A lot of the time my “good enough” is really rather good. Too much attention can spoil it. I don’t always know when to step back, but if I want to get four things published this month, I’ll have to work at that.

Wish me luck. 🙂

Another new one

DAILY: 464 fiction words, 623 total words, 2 hours toward publishing

The week starts new today, and the month. It’ll make for a very busy day, I’m certain. At least it’ll make for a busy day here, with this weekly review and later on with a review of April.

But first, yesterday. Yesterday was busy, and I still have a bit of a spring cold which is really more of an annoyance than an actual issue. Maybe it’s actually a spring sinus thing because my ears keep popping. That’s the biggest irritant, really. At any rate, Junior Youth returned from camping. I did the last of her laundry and worked quite a bit on formatting the interior of Space Cats. I ended up starting over, but as this time I actually looked at the requirements for CreateSpace, that was probably a good thing. I think I have what I want now, I just need to grind away at it for a bit.

I also worked a tiny bit on a new series. I need to settle on the age of my antagonist. Currently, she’s pretty young, and I think I may need to age her up a bit. We’ll see how it goes. I managed 464 fiction words, 623 total words, and two hours toward publishing.

Now, on to the weekly portion of this weekly review post.

Meh. Not my best week, and that’s because I was really hesitant to start writing anything new with outstanding things to get published. But Saturday, as I’ve mentioned, I got started on something new anyway.


And then I’ll just drop this here:

April fiction total: 15,814
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 56,222

There’s actually things to say about that little block, but I’ll save it for the monthly review post in a few minutes.

Overall, the week was OK. There were four days with no fiction writing whatsoever, and I think I’m fine with that, though it feels better to be writing fiction. I will do better on the publishing front this month, especially as a friend has just published her A to Z Challenge yesterday, and that motivates me to get my butt in gear.

Three stories finished but none published yet? I need to get cracking!

Something was forgotten

Daily: 207 fiction, 436 total

Greetings and salutations! (I just realized I got that from a Minecraft YouTuber, Rendog.) I forgot to do a weekly review on Monday! Guess what we’re going to do today, for last Monday through Sunday?

I may have mentioned that last week I ratcheted down the writing purposely thinking I would spend more time editing and getting Space Cats ready for publishing. I didn’t want to start a new project that would produce lots of words because then I wouldn’t have time for editing, etc. But then I didn’t actually do a lot of editing, either. So it wasn’t exactly a win, but not precisely a fail, either.

Here’s what the writing looked like for last week:


Also, there’s this:

April fiction total: 12,217
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
002 Words: 5,774

I expected to report the new publication of two new works, but that didn’t happen. And if I’m honest, it may not happen this week, either. It’s been a year since I self-published anything, and it’s time-consuming when it hasn’t been done for a while. All the routines I developed have faded (naturally), and I need to rebuild them.

At this point, Space Cats has an ebook cover. I need to sweep through one last time and fix a few more things that are confusing and inconsistent. The ebook is formatted, and probably ready for game time. After the last edits are done, I can set up the print formatting, and finally the cover. The print cover is the most time-consuming if I remember correctly. It took four proof copies of The 27th Letter before I got everything right. I think familiarity with InDesign was my biggest problem, and so that issue should be a non-issue this time around.

I should probably remember to mention yesterday’s words while I’m here. They’re in the header, too, which is helpful. 207/436 (fiction/total).


Happy Wednesday!

March Review

The words March Review on a green text box with green outline over a blurred out spreadsheet

The first of the month has so much for me to catch up on. Like how March went in terms of writing! I’m thrilled to have remembered, actually.

I wrote 12,576 fiction words in March which is a 2,864-word improvement over February. I also wrote 8,695 blog words, and the difference between blog and fiction words is growing nicely.

My best writing day came on Sunday, March 19th with 1,228 words – also the day I finished Space Cats from Space! (No, I haven’t yet decided on a title, actually. Why do you ask?) Perhaps slightly unrelated, I noted on the very next day what an amazing Monday I had, and the good days continued for nearly two weeks straight. I’m very happy (har har) about that, streak though it has nothing to do with writing.

My average fiction words per day in March was 406. That is a higher number than February (329), but much less than January (600). I’m pleased it went up after February, but desire it to go up even more in April. Much, much more.

My goal for April: AVG FicWPD => 2,000

Since April is also Camp NaNoWriMo as well as the A to Z Challenge (guess who needs to start pre-scheduling some posts!), I may not have a problem reaching that goal.

On March 1st I wrote, “My big goal for March is to finish this story I’ve been struggling with since December.” And I did that! I’m very proud of myself, and I am at this very moment neck deep into two projects. I might have known that Space Cats would have gotten ditched if I went and started something else, but right now I’m equally confident that A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof isn’t going anywhere.I’m involved in a new project today for

So I am involved in a new project today for Camp, and it’s going under a pen name. (I don’t have a title yet. So far, it’s 003.) I hope to manage four short stories in the same “world” to present as individual shorts as well as a collection at some point. We’ll see.

So that’s March! April is going to be awesome, and I look forward to talking about it with you in 30 days!