Movie Quotes

44 fiction words, 612 total words

“His glasses…he can’t see without his glasses!” -My Girl

This quote gets a lot of playtime in our house, as Junior Youth doesn’t need to wear glasses full time, and so often won’t unless we’re about to watch a movie. Also, I usually leave my glasses on a downstairs table at the end of the night, so when I forget them upstairs on the odd weekend day, it comes up again.

I loved that movie at the time, but I don’t much enjoy thinking back on it now. I’m definitely uncertain how it got a sequel.

Yesterday was writing group, and it paid off in that I wrote some words!

44 fiction words, 612 total words

Not a ton of words, though. I socialized and decided that was okay.

I ate a lot of vegetables yesterday, though, and some nachos. The nachos were okay, but not spectacular. That particular dish always looks much better than it ends up being, for some reason. I expect I’d enjoy it if I made it at home, but I think I’ll skip it on evenings out from now on.

Distractrification…and yay, August!

50 fiction words, 398 total words

I hope that’s a word (distractification). I’m sure it’s not, but wouldn’t it be a glorious word if it was?

Yesterday was supposed to be my weekly review, but I forgot to do it. I “fixed” (added) the graphics this morning so at least it looks right, but clearly the overriding theme of last week was, “Hey, let’s get distracted by things so much that everything gets forgotten!”

If that was the theme, I did a good job.

Today is August. Yay! And that means today is the monthly review for July, which might be a challenge. I’ve already made progress by getting my butt out of bed before it’s time to leave work. And by writing this post before bedtime. So the outlook is good on the “getting it done” front, but geez. I don’t really remember the past month! It’s a good thing I take notes.

50 fiction words, 398 total words

And I’m off!

Well, then!

0 fiction words, 163 total words

When I realized last night that I hadn’t written yet, I realized I needed to take a break and skip writing. Yesterday was grocery shopping with a slightly reluctant Junior Youth, and we bought quite a bit more produce than ever makes it in my cart.

Okay, I’ll be honest. Produce hardly ever makes it in my cart, and when it does it’s bananas, strawberries, or apples. I guess “hardly ever” means “nearly never”.

We bought Romaine hearts (lettuce on sticks, I guess?), a cucumber (no one will eat it but me), a green pepper (ditto), a yam (best not to get too adventurous), and a bag of cute potatoes (I hope potatoes take after their French name, literally translated as “apples of the earth”, and are basically the same from one variety to the next). Also strawberries and bananas, but those are usual, so it was easier to buy those.

And you wouldn’t think a grocery trip would take that much out of a person, but it did. There was other stuff going on, of course. The trip had a different price tag than I’m used to. Unpacking the car was different, loading up the refrigerator was foreign, and lurking in the back of my mind is the knowledge that usually when I buy stuff like lettuce, I throw out a moldy, floppy bag of wilted green junk a week or two later when I remember I have it.

Tonight we had a salad. Well, I had a salad, Junior Youth almost had a salad (only half was eaten), and Elder youth had something completely different. So this is new and hard, and I shouldn’t let it take over my writing time, but it kind of has.

Vegetables. Devious things. Oh, and all the strawberries fell to the floor, and the responsible party at the time thought that meant they all needed to be thrown away instead of simply rinsed and put back. So tomorrow I’m eating trash-berries because the party who usually enjoys them is grossed out.

So fruit is whacked, too.

0 fiction words, 163 total words

Edited to add: I forgot yesterday was the Weekly Review day! My focus is way off. I’ve changed the header. Here, have a weekly review statblock to grow on! Clearly the week was distracted.

The bear wrote words

206 fiction words, 325 total words

Yesterday was better in terms of words, certainly.

206 fiction words, 325 total words

Today is shopping and finances and dishes and trash day, so I’ll be busy. There shouldn’t be a lot of additional-

I’ve wandered away from this site twice trying to write this post. I’m done.

Have a great Sunday!

Um…there was a bear.

12 fiction words, 321 total words

I’m lying. There was no bear. There was Minecraft, and we haven’t found the polar bears yet.

Technically there could have been a bear, I suppose, but let’s be honest. I’m still procrastinating on the wither skelly farm that I need for beacons so I can finish the stupid slime farm.

12 fiction words, 321 total words


*sigh* I’m ahead tonight with 28. I have no excuse.



Something has been misplaced in the house, and it’s either been moved by a butthead cat, or by a sleepwalking youth. I’m leaning toward the latter, actually, but I’ll be on edge until the item reappears.

I wrote last night with no television (and no fan, which has no bearing on anything except eventually I got hot and tired), and it went better. I knew it would. I started hacking away and got 500 without even trying, but then I got distracted.


743 fiction words, 966 total words

I used a trick learned from my writer friend Erin, and being so close to a round number, I kept on typing. I stopped just past 26,000, which felt good. I thought about trying for more but then got it in my head that I would write in bed (didn’t happen), so shut things down and went on up.

I’m going to start searching for the missing thing some more before leaving for the office. It’s just so strange.

Wake Up

303 fiction words, 721 total words

Day two of waking when I want instead of when the alarm tells me I’m out of time. I had some crazy dreams this morning, though. I don’t remember them particularly well, thankfully.  (Yep. What I do remember is creepy enough that I don’t want to remember more.)

Writing was frustrating last night. I feel stuck, or lost, or out of ideas, or unable to write myself out of this corner. I am confident that it’s a result of my short writing sessions. When I’m only able/take the time to write 300 words or so, it’s impossible to get any momentum. So this is a problem of my own making and would, quite likely, be remedied by turning off the damn television when everyone goes to bed.

303 fiction words, 721 total words

Better than yesterday, but I’m still not happy. Will try again today.

Reasonable Hours

178 fiction words, 363 total words

Everyone’s definition of reasonable hours of wake and sleep are different. DH goes to bed around 8 p.m., while I prefer later hours, like midnight. The youths have had a 9 p.m. bedtime for ages, but Junior Youth is developing a distinct preference for later hours with no ill effects, so we can work with that.

I was right when I guessed why I was having trouble sleeping/waking. Well, at least my theory was proved by one night of testing. (Not very scientific, I realize.) I didn’t have any soda, actually, at all yesterday, and I purposefully didn’t have one once I got home (which I wanted, desperately). Getting to sleep was a snap, as usual, which was a relief.

The other thing I did last night was that I deleted all of my alarms except the 8 a.m. one and the 6 a.m. one I keep for everyone else. Technically, I kept the 5 a.m. one, too, in hopes I can get back to early mornings because those are wonderfully productive. But just knowing I didn’t have those alarms available easily helped me get up. I did hit snooze several times, but snooze on one alarm is vastly different than snooze on four.

178 fiction words, 363 total words

Hopefully, a side effect of getting up close to the hour I want is more productivity. Yesterday was not a productive writing day at all. I got to our writing/editing group and had nothing. Something has changed for me there, but it’s hard to put my finger on it.

I’ll sort it out eventually, I’m sure. For now, words.


530 fiction words, 818 total words

I’m not only having trouble getting to sleep the past couple of days, but I’m having trouble waking as well. The getting to sleep part is unusual because sleep is my superpower. I can sleep anywhere, nearly any time.

I’ve also developed a habit of drinking a soda after 8pm. So that might have something to do with it.

The waking part has been an issue since school got out and I no longer have to wake at 6 a.m. to get the youths ready. I know I feel better when I have more morning before my day starts, so I just need to get past this stupid “wake up” thing. It would benefit my writing, too. So tonight, perhaps, bed at a reasonable hour (10 p.m.) with less soda (no soda) and less visual stimulation. I might be able to hack it with no TV at all if I get home after everyone else is in bed.

530 fiction words, 818 total words

Oh yes, I wrote yesterday, too. Not as much as I want to see, but more than usual.

Back to Real Life

DAILY: 601 fiction words, 886 total words

Not that what I was living for the past week and a half or so wasn’t “real”, but it was vacation, and then after that for four days it was the “ideal”. I got a lot done in terms of publication, and I have a renewed determination for writing, so there’s that.

601 fiction words, 886 total words

I feel kind of “off the rails” with the words right now, but usually, that happens before I find the story again. It will be obvious to first readers, and then I’ll fix it.

This is only the past week, which means one weekly review got missed in the travels. Oh well! For being a week on vacation, this wasn’t a bad one. I pulled the writing computer out at least once a day every day I was gone (with maybe one exception) and hacked out a few hundred words, and maybe less once or twice, and it was good. Clearly not my best, but also not my worst.

Here are my monthly totals so far:

July fiction total: 7,281
June fiction total: 10,577
May fiction total: 
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 80,187

I am now officially doing better than my worst month. This is good! I also like what my friend Erin is doing on her stats, so I’ll add:

Stories Published in 2017: 3

Next week that won’t get updated, but maybe in three weeks? That doesn’t seem too outrageous.

Now, I really do need to get to work. Have a lovely day, everyone!