Pajama Day

Closeup of fleece pajamas
Pink Dots

Some days you just need to spend all day in your pajamas. Junior Youth gets to do that today, and I am envious. Not that I would especially want to spend all day in my pajamas, but I would love to spend all day in pajamas like hers. They’re fleecy and too big and they look super comfy. JY, of course, is dissatisfied because they reach the ground. Not sure how I can adore all things that make me feel short, and she’s upset to step on the hems, but there you go. And now, my obligatory posting is done for the day! Just maybe to schedule a post later, that’d get everything done. Whee!

3 Replies to “Pajama Day”

  1. “Why do you need a picture of my pajamas,” Junior Youth said.

    “Because your mom is silly,” I ought to have answered.

  2. I don’t like stepping on the back of my pants, either. And while I know the word hem and comprehend the definition, it holds no value for me. A Ray of Sunshine got me some tape stuff to fix this, but it needs an iron, and mine is packed.
    But back to the issue.
    Somehow, it seems that ALL clothing designers and makers have 50 male mannequins and 1 for ALL females age 12 to 112. That’s it. We’re all clones. We’re all Barbie. And those of us who aren’t that exact size and shape (you know, like 90% of the female population) are just supposed to feel bad about ourselves.
    People talk about gender equality. But where’s the serious movement for clothing that FITS, is AFFORDABLE, isn’t UGLY, and isn’t available only online? The few times such places even come close to existing, they end up being either overpriced or on the same shop as the Human-Barbie stuff. And no, it’s not just women who are the wrong height or weight– there’s equal hate and exclusion for women with large breasts. Need to move your arms? Prepare to launch a button! And don’t get me started on the prank they call sleeves. Or pockets!

    It’s comfort or femininity. That’s it. That’s the message from the fashion world! “The majority of women should feel uncomfortable as punishment for not being exact clones, or they need to dress like men.”

    People are damn lucky I ever get out of my PJs.

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