Yesterday and Laudry

0 fiction words, 214 total words

Yesterday I was so very tired, so I went to bed with everyone at 9 p.m. That meant no writing.

0 fiction words, 214 total words

It also meant like 12 hours of sleep, which was rather fabulous. I did love that.

Today meant laundry with Junior Youth, who was not terribly thrilled with the idea of doing laundry, but did enjoy films – both Catching Fire and Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Good choices, really. Strong women.

I am about to watch Center Stage, myself. Sometimes Vudu has $6.99 movies that aren’t in your library, and I took advantage of the offer to patch that hole.

Let’s see – today I discovered Elias Market with my mom. I managed to get out with only $20 worth of produce, and I found both chia and flax seeds, both of which I’m not entirely prepared to deal with quite yet, but I will be soon. Also more bananas, replacement sweet potatoes, massive cucumbers, grapes (delicious grapes), baby carrots…

I’m not practiced enough to know whether it was a good deal, but I trusted my shopping partner to say it was.

Now that laundry’s done, I have some relaxing to do. I’m going to get some fiction in, too. It’s necessary and has been badly neglected. Which is actually how I tend to always feel (that it’s been neglected). I think I’m going to stop feeling that way. While I do want to write more daily, beating myself up over not writing enough isn’t helping. I’m very happy with myself for writing nearly daily for the entire year. I look forward to finishing this story before November and NaNo.

Adventures in Cookies

186 fiction words, 369 total words

Our bananas went ripe yesterday, which usually means they went “bad”, but this week means I peeled them all and tucked two in the freezer for I don’t know what, and put two in a bowl and squished them with a fork in preparation of making cookies.

So I got out my food processor (I should really look around and see if somewhere I have a blender in a box) and processed some oats and then scooped out a bunch of peanut butter and bam. Cookie “dough”.

I expected them to flatten out like regular cookies when baking, but that didn’t happen – they kept their shape really well, and were in no danger of falling off the baking sheet. So I’ll remember that for next time. Also, I don’t have a cooling rack, to my knowledge, so I should probably remedy that. Although there might be one in the basement, now that I think about it. I’m loathe to go down there, but in the name of cooling cookies…

So yeah – they’re not awful, I’ll make them again, and I’ll eat these, probably taking a few to work today in case my kids try them and love them (unlikely).

I stabbed at the keyboard for a bit last night, too.

186 fiction words, 369 total words

Distracted Cat

186 fiction words, 369 total words

If my cats were superheroes, we’d have InvisiKitty and Distractacat. I know we have another name floating around, but I’ve forgotten it due to the early hours of the day.

Yesterday I lost a yam. I had it on Sunday when I went shopping, and I brought it home, I’m certain. But last night when I went to try roasting vegetables for the first time (they were amazing, by the way), my yam was gone! I looked in the fridge, in the freezer, on the floor, under the radiator, by the cat sand, and in the trash.

No yam. I have no idea what’s happened to that particular vegetable. I suppose I should check my car, on the chance that it fell out in the back and it’s just been rolling around for the past several days. And I know I need to buy another yam because those veggies (potatoes and carrots) were delicious and I’m definitely going to do that again, but the missing veggie would have been amazing

Anyway! I was distracted by the washing of dishes and vegetables and making of supper and YouTube videos (when am I not? This is now, officially, a Problem), so I wrote only a little.

186 fiction words, 369 total words

On the other hand, I was in bed by 11 p.m. and I slept pretty well, I think. So I’m ready to try again today.


Movie Quotes

44 fiction words, 612 total words

“His glasses…he can’t see without his glasses!” -My Girl

This quote gets a lot of playtime in our house, as Junior Youth doesn’t need to wear glasses full time, and so often won’t unless we’re about to watch a movie. Also, I usually leave my glasses on a downstairs table at the end of the night, so when I forget them upstairs on the odd weekend day, it comes up again.

I loved that movie at the time, but I don’t much enjoy thinking back on it now. I’m definitely uncertain how it got a sequel.

Yesterday was writing group, and it paid off in that I wrote some words!

44 fiction words, 612 total words

Not a ton of words, though. I socialized and decided that was okay.

I ate a lot of vegetables yesterday, though, and some nachos. The nachos were okay, but not spectacular. That particular dish always looks much better than it ends up being, for some reason. I expect I’d enjoy it if I made it at home, but I think I’ll skip it on evenings out from now on.

July Review

The words July Review in the middle of a green box with white hearts above and below on a blurry spreadsheet background image

I just went back to look at June’s review, and wow. I really nailed it. This review may not be nearly that comprehensive. Unless, of course, I just keep switching back and forth between tabs so I copy the format. Might do that.


Fiction words clocked in at 9,303. Less than 10,000 is definitely less than optimal, but I’ll look at this another way.

At this time last year, I wasn’t writing at all. In July of last year, I wrote 1,102 words total of fiction. So there’s that. It makes this month feel better.


Blog words were 7,505 words of my life. Less than fiction again = yay! I really don’t care about blog words logged, actually. I mean, it’s fun to see them tally up, but otherwise…

Best Writing Day

July 2nd was my best writing day, with 1,168 words. It was right before the 4th of July, so that kind of makes sense, and I apparently watched some Minecraft that day, including a guy I don’t watch often, TinfoilChef. A good day.

July Goals

Well, I didn’t get all of July’s goals done, but I did get stuff published, which felt amazing. I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t force it done earlier, but whatever. It’s done now, it’s good. Here’s a review, with some strikethroughs where tasks were accomplished.

  1. Publish A Brief History of Space Cats and the Care and Feeding Thereof
    This is actually written, I just need to make a final pass-through of the print proof and get the ebooks up.
  2. Finish 004, currently untitled
    I’m 17,000 words in, and there’s quite a bit to go. It’s unlikely I’ll finish this enough to publish in July.
  3. Publish 003, currently untitled
  4. Decide on another project to start once 004 is done
  5. Write more than 10,000 in a week
  6. Write more than 1,000 words every day for a month
  7. Write 1,667 words per day in a month that isn’t November

August Goals

  1. Finish 004, currently untitled, 26,363 words
    I need to push through this one because honestly, I’m not even enjoying myself anymore. I need to try to write these faster. It will be more fun.
  2. Write more than 10,000 in one week
  3. Write more than 1,000 words every day for a month
    I’m kind of sure August won’t be that month, but I’ll still try.
  4. Write 1,667 words per day in a month that isn’t November

That’s what I have! Fewer goals, but generally they’re the same.

And now I’m off to start my day! A good day, really, as our writing group meets tonight.

Distractrification…and yay, August!

50 fiction words, 398 total words

I hope that’s a word (distractification). I’m sure it’s not, but wouldn’t it be a glorious word if it was?

Yesterday was supposed to be my weekly review, but I forgot to do it. I “fixed” (added) the graphics this morning so at least it looks right, but clearly the overriding theme of last week was, “Hey, let’s get distracted by things so much that everything gets forgotten!”

If that was the theme, I did a good job.

Today is August. Yay! And that means today is the monthly review for July, which might be a challenge. I’ve already made progress by getting my butt out of bed before it’s time to leave work. And by writing this post before bedtime. So the outlook is good on the “getting it done” front, but geez. I don’t really remember the past month! It’s a good thing I take notes.

50 fiction words, 398 total words

And I’m off!

Well, then!

0 fiction words, 163 total words

When I realized last night that I hadn’t written yet, I realized I needed to take a break and skip writing. Yesterday was grocery shopping with a slightly reluctant Junior Youth, and we bought quite a bit more produce than ever makes it in my cart.

Okay, I’ll be honest. Produce hardly ever makes it in my cart, and when it does it’s bananas, strawberries, or apples. I guess “hardly ever” means “nearly never”.

We bought Romaine hearts (lettuce on sticks, I guess?), a cucumber (no one will eat it but me), a green pepper (ditto), a yam (best not to get too adventurous), and a bag of cute potatoes (I hope potatoes take after their French name, literally translated as “apples of the earth”, and are basically the same from one variety to the next). Also strawberries and bananas, but those are usual, so it was easier to buy those.

And you wouldn’t think a grocery trip would take that much out of a person, but it did. There was other stuff going on, of course. The trip had a different price tag than I’m used to. Unpacking the car was different, loading up the refrigerator was foreign, and lurking in the back of my mind is the knowledge that usually when I buy stuff like lettuce, I throw out a moldy, floppy bag of wilted green junk a week or two later when I remember I have it.

Tonight we had a salad. Well, I had a salad, Junior Youth almost had a salad (only half was eaten), and Elder youth had something completely different. So this is new and hard, and I shouldn’t let it take over my writing time, but it kind of has.

Vegetables. Devious things. Oh, and all the strawberries fell to the floor, and the responsible party at the time thought that meant they all needed to be thrown away instead of simply rinsed and put back. So tomorrow I’m eating trash-berries because the party who usually enjoys them is grossed out.

So fruit is whacked, too.

0 fiction words, 163 total words

Edited to add: I forgot yesterday was the Weekly Review day! My focus is way off. I’ve changed the header. Here, have a weekly review statblock to grow on! Clearly the week was distracted.

The bear wrote words

206 fiction words, 325 total words

Yesterday was better in terms of words, certainly.

206 fiction words, 325 total words

Today is shopping and finances and dishes and trash day, so I’ll be busy. There shouldn’t be a lot of additional-

I’ve wandered away from this site twice trying to write this post. I’m done.

Have a great Sunday!