‘Tis the day

Yesterday was average. Not particularly bad nor good in any way. I got my writing butt kicked by an article by DWS and got a little angry at myself, which is probably a good thing.

I have more time to write than my excuses let me, but I’m also writing when I have valid reasons to be present doing other things. I’ll mull that over for a bit and find my balance soon.

I wrote 297 blog words yesterday, and 754 fiction words, most of which were in the morning.

This morning I will be brief. I have the day off of work to help family, and I didn’t wake as early as I wanted, so there are a few extra things to squeeze into my day. Have a lovely day!

Good morning, Sunshine

Mornings when I can wake up by 5 a.m. when I’ve gone to bed by 11 p.m. the night before always feel so damn productive. I only wrote for a half hour, but I got 600 words already this morning, and I’m pleased. That will probably set the mood for the entire day, and I’m grateful for that.

This past weekend, although I’ve already shared a lot of it, was incredibly productive. I walked a lot on Saturday, not only reaching my step goal but my stairs goal as well of 10 flights. It seems like such things should be easier since I live in a 2-story home and work in a building with two levels, but I don’t often get the stairs goal. I also did a lot of driving, got a new set of tires for the car, ran errands (although not the grocery shopping), and was generally busy both days.

Looking ahead, I have a feeling the next few weeks will be the same. There will be lots of moving things, driving, walking, stairs…lots of opportunity for exercise. If I think about it that way, perhaps it won’t seem as much like work.

So words! I did not have a great writing week, but despite an all-time low (for this year) of 14 words, I wrote every single day, and I’m grateful for that. Here are the numbers:

Weekly total words: 3,782
Weekly total fiction words: 1,770
Weekly total blog words: 2,012
Difference from last week: -43%
Weekly rank: 3 (of 4)
Average weekly words: 4,052
Difference in average words from last week: -7%

I’m focusing on the fact that I wrote every day, and not that I wrote less fiction this week than I wanted my daily goal to be at the beginning of the year. I’m going to work up to that. I really am.

Poor Miss Blankenship

I’ve been watching entirely too much Mad Men lately. I wish they had more characters like Miss Blankenship. You may have deduced from the post title that something just happened to her, and you would be right. It was a fairly amusing scene, despite the loss of a character.

I worked out some words last night. I started this story hoping it could be a “right the first time” story, but I’m afraid I’ve made so many changes that I don’t really know what’s going on anymore. I referred to magic in the first chapter, and now it’s pure science. I took out the one reference I found, and I can search for the rest, but have I insinuated something I missed?

I suppose that’s why folks have beta readers. I love my writing group, by the way. Have I mentioned that? I love everyone who shows up because everyone has such different strengths and insight.

On to business: I managed more fiction than blog words yesterday, writing 424 in fiction and 357 on the blog. I’m grateful for the upward swing in count, my best fiction day all week. I’d like to improve more on it today, and hopefully I will have the time because at about 2 p.m. I have an appointment to get a nail removed from a tire. I’ll take the computer. The appointment could take 30 minutes or 120, or more. Think of all the writing I could do!

Where to start?

Friday…Friday…I did something Friday, was relatively productive at work, but can’t remember much else. It seems so far away right now, likely due to the busy nature of today.

I spent the majority of the day helping pack up a house. It involved 11 flights of stairs (not all at once), 7,696 steps, and about four wardrobe boxes. And a couple of slices of pizza, which was delicious.

And laundry. Lots and lots of laundry.

I gained a cookie jar today from my childhood. I’m not sure what would have happened to it (probably nothing) had I not brought it home, but I am looking forward to either baking cookies or buying cookies to put in it. I remember trying to lift the lid so no sound was made, and replace it the same way. It’s a very hard thing to do, because it’s ceramic, and it was always placed at the wall edge of the counter so it didn’t accidentally fall off. So the handle would make noise if you needed to move it closer, the lid would inevitably make the cookie jar tone when you removed it, and replacing it would result in several more of the bell-like rings of the lid returning to its resting place on top of the jar. I love it. I can’t wait to hear my kids trying to sneak cookies.

I wrote 276 words in two blog posts and pecked out a lonely 14 words of fiction on Friday. This is the first chance I’ve had to be on the computer all day because of all the aforementioned tasks, and there’s not much day left. I think that’s okay, though. It will all sort out.


Last night was the first time I can remember this year where I got frustrated to the point of tears. So far, I’ve been of positive enough mindset to avoid it. I’m pleased with that and hope it can continue.

The numbers I have to report for yesterday, however, are not helping.

199 blog words, 384 fiction words.

I am grateful for the relatively mild winter we’re having.

I am grateful for warm showers and fluffy kittens to help dry my ankles. (Seriously, I don’t really encourage that, they just do it.)

I am grateful for…well, I am not grateful for the lack of willpower and motivation I seem to be displaying in my writing, but I am grateful for cats who decide I need love and curl up for a quick purr therapy session when I’m beating up on myself a little.

Well, I’m off to start my morning and grab that warm shower I was talking about. Hopefully, it will make the cold showers the weather intends to give us later seem not as bad.