And another new day: Friday

Good morning! Happy Friday, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and all that good stuff.

Yesterday was sleeping in and rushing out the door and work. Then I got home, shoveled snow with the elder youth so DH could park in front of the garage, and we watched Moana.

Naturally, I cried through the entire thing. Junior youth tried to make it a special thing to point out (“Ooh, Mom’s crying!”), but I always cry at even slightly sad movies. And animated musicals? Yeah, it was a sure thing. But I enjoyed it. So did the youths.

After everyone was in bed, I wrote 1,095 fiction words (yay, me!), with a total of 1,476 (blog post was long, too). I’m so very close, like two or three scenes/chapters from the end of this Space Cats from Space Earth. And I think I totally need a new title. I’ll probably sit and brainstorm something long and ridiculous because those kinds of titles resonate with me.

But that will be for After. For now, I need to finish it. (Finish it. Finish it. Finish it.)

There was a little accident

So it started like this: wake up, write a bit, managed 337 fiction words and a blog post, and went to work.

Came home, relaxed, and shooed the youth towards the shower. While the second was partaking in a ritual cleansing of the skin, I heard “a noise”. If you have ever owned animals or raised children, “a noise” is never usually a good thing. Sure, sometimes it’s just a cat and the scratching post, but it wasn’t this time.

I sent the elder youth to the other room. “Oh dear,” he said. He opened the door to the basement. “There’s a problem downstairs,” I say, still seated across the room.

Because water hitting the floor sounds the same in the shower as it does on the concrete floor in the basement.

DH and elder youth fixed it, junior youth was able to get a shower after the fix, and I decided that – completely unrelated to the catastrophe (that I’ve known about for several years) – I was going to pull up my big-girl socks and do the damn taxes.

Which took about four hours and sucked up the rest of the evening and any other writing impulses I may have harbored at that hour.

Once done, I celebrated with a late night caffeine bomb (Mtn Dew) and a bowl of spicy chips (before junior youth ate them all), staying up past midnight and barely getting my photo posted on time.

This morning I slept in until the very last second (300 seconds after the very last second, actually) and then hopped up, got ready, and bolted out the door.

I only got 556 words for the day, and I didn’t get my #BuJo done in the morning like I usually like to do, but it didn’t matter. Because I got my taxes done. A whole month early. A month earlier than I’ve done them in recent memory. (And not-so-recent memory.) Which makes me very proud.


Back to “it”

Whatever your “it” is. My “it” is an office. New, under decorated, but nice. I’ll march back in today, be grateful for everything I’ve learned there, and surely double down on my determination to write my way out of there.

Yesterday I got 147 fiction words at the tail end of the day. It was just so relaxing to hang out with the family, get an early morning nap, watch movies with my gender-equivalent 1/8 in the house (we are now outnumbered for the first time ever), etc. I washed dishes and she vacuumed while the human males played in the snow, so we all worked toward the house a bit.

My total for the day was 440. Fiction average clocks in at 469. Down from yesterday by 4, and I have got to get that average up. It’s March, for goodness sake! And almost halfway through it. I can/will do better.

Snow Day!

Yes, all 8/8ths of the household have today off! Which includes me! Which means I get to do a very minimum of work today! (Hopefully none, but it doesn’t always work like that. C’est la vie.

Yesterday I wrote 548 fiction words. There was an intent to get more done, but I got into a discussion on religion, and then suddenly I was exhausted. Got to bed a little late.

The total words for the day ended at 735, and my daily average for fiction words is at 473.

The debate at the office yesterday was whether the storm that was predicted would come. A majority of us were fine if it didn’t, but if you are in my area, you know that it did. And I couldn’t tell earlier, but I can see now that it is clearly still coming down. I don’t think it will be quite as bad as last year’s storm, but it hasn’t stopped yet, so there’s still time.

Well, I need to get a few words in this morning before I lay back down for an early morning nap. I really <3 naps.


You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger