Productive but currently useless

47 fiction words, 483 total words, 2 hours on publication

So yesterday I wrote a bit (47 fiction words, 483 total words), but what I really did was make a cover.

For a book I haven’t written yet.

Which is awesome, just frustrating.

I thought I was working on the cover for A Brief History. I looked at my stock photos to see if I had any distressed leather images (I didn’t), and found a desk with a book and a calico cat, instead. I thought, yeah, I was going to do something with that before this current idea. So I started working with the cat, making her look like a snapshot, then a ripped snapshot, and the desk with the book where I’d place the cover blurb, and it ended up awesome!

Except that’s not how I designed the interior. Very specifically, I designed the interior to go with an old, distressed book cover. And the interior wouldn’t go with the exterior I designed at all. So I have an awesome half-finished cover, but not for the book I’m trying to publish, so that’s a little irritating.

But I know what I want, and I just need to find (or create) an image or two to get it done. I can do that.

I get to hang out with a friend tonight, so my morning is rushed to get all the usual evening things done now. I may not get any fiction in (or I may stay up entirely too late after I get home doing it). That’s OK.

Have a great day, y’all!

Busy day done

38 fiction words, 273 total words, 2 hours on publication

Getting only 38 fiction words written means I spent most of what little free time I had yesterday evening (two hours) on publication – yay!

Because yesterday, amongst the activities, I got my second proof copy of Space Cats in the mail and got a chance to find that one thing that’s going to drive me nuts. I fixed it, resubmitted it, and as soon as it gets through the file review process, I’ll get it up for sale in print and ebook.

I also took a few minutes to finish up the interior of A Brief History and get the cover layout set up with all my guides. I’m particular, so I like to have the document set up with fun little blue lines that indicate where the bleed is, and then where a quarter inch in from the cut line is so I can make sure the design that needs to fit on the page fits in nicely.

It turns out that the print version of this book is going to be a slender volume. I’m kind of excited about that. So far, The 27th Letter and Space Cats were both about the same length, thus the spines were about the same height (unsure if “height” is right here, but we’re going with it). This will be a MUCH narrower spine. It should be interesting!

I got 273 total words yesterday, and since so little of it was fiction (as mentioned previously) my blog got the bulk. It’ll be that way today, too, probably. Although I really need a nice writing session to fix this chapter I’ve been butchering. When I can only write a few new words at a time, it gets really choppy. I kind of need to redo the last 1,000 words or so to make them good and smooth, then keep going from there.

Some days it feels like my writing work ethic needs work, and other days I realize I’m trying to work a full-time job and raise kids and squeeze in writing in what’s left. I’m doing well for where my priorities need to be.

So today! It better be good because I don’t have the patience for crappy.

The Day After

95 fiction words, 208 total words, 0 hours on publication

Yesterday was busy, but everything went off without a hitch (more or less). One of the things that was less was that my computer spent the entire hour I had available (and then some) in the morning on updates instead of letting me use it. Not too bad in the scheme of things.

We got a large stringed instrument dropped off at the appropriate place. I got Junior Youth to school on time. I left work early and got the same child from an after school activity. I got supper done and stopped by my writing group before an evening office-related engagement. After that, I made it back to my writing group for some detox, and then home at a reasonable time.

There wasn’t a lot of time for writing, though. I squeezed in blog posts and a few minutes of words before the end of the day: 95 fiction words, 208 total words. Nothing on publication, though. Maybe nothing tonight, either, as there is a concert to attend this evening.

Otherwise, today is normal. Hopefully.


260 fiction words, 738 total words, 1 hour towards publishing

Just a quick entry today because it’s going to be so busy!

Yesterday was good for writing and editing. I poked at the print layout a bit and realized early that I was absolutely exhausted, so I went to bed early. I managed 260 fiction words, 738 total words, and 1 hour towards publishing.

Productive all around. But this morning my computer decided to update, so I didn’t get a chance to do any of this then, so I’m squeezing it in where I can.

Have a lovely day, y’all!

Before I look at anything else

318 fiction words, 613 total words, 2.25 hours toward publishing

Like the title says. This before I look at anything else, even though my Facebook tab and Feedly tab both have those delightful, clickable blue dots indicating there are new things to look at. New highlights, new news, new gossip. Ah, the pull!

Yesterday went well and was rather relaxing. I watched a couple movies in the evening. Where the Heart Is is one of those films I love but don’t know why I didn’t see when it first came out. I bought it on Vudu a couple days ago when it must have been on sale (almost the only time I buy movies on Vudu), and I saw it with Junior Youth last night.

I forgot that it was mildly inappropriate. All I remembered was Novalee and Sister Husband and Forney and Lexie. I didn’t remember that all the characters had such great names. I didn’t remember that Forney was played by the same actor who played Cromwell in The Tudors. Forney is one of my favorite romantic heroes.

Well, moving on!

This is a weekly review day, apparently! So yesterday I wrote 318 fiction words, 613 total words, and spent 2.25 hours toward publishing. My fiction words I got in early so I wouldn’t forget, but also were written while watching TV. I must stop that. The publishing was all print book formatting, also done while watching TV. This is more acceptable, as print formatting is kind of a grind. There’s still a bit more to do there.

Last week (now we actually get to the review bit) was heavy in publishing activities and light in writing. I’m only keeping track of my publishing time in the header images for the day. They’re not really getting written down anywhere else, so there won’t be a total for that. But the rest of the week looked as follows:

Weekly Review - Week 20

May fiction total: 3,449
April fiction total: 
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 59,671

So not bad. Down from last week by over a third, and low words overall. It makes sense to me as last week my mood was also depressed (as in down, dampened, not the diagnosis). It all goes together.

I don’t know what my mood is like, so I don’t know what this week will be like. But the hopes is that I get A Brief History ready for proof copy, and I have another thing to get up for publication that might happen this week. Maybe.

We shall see!