More gold

Gold wallpaper with a brown and white overlapping circle pattern.

This is the wallpaper next to our writing/editing group every Tuesday evening. It used to be kind of beige/brown, but now it’s gold. Not completely unattractive, but also not especially pretty. It was nearby last night, so I snapped a picture. I’m not sure if that’s cheating in my attempt to post 365 photos, but I’m going with “No”, because reasons. (I don’t have any. I just am going with it.)

2 Replies to “More gold”

  1. No, why would it be cheating? It’s a picture, it’s got a pattern, it counts.

    I don’t think it’s supposed to be especially pretty — rather, neutral and accommodating. Often the case in public places, yes?

    1. It manages neutral rather well.

      “Cheating” because I think the point of the 365 challenges is to post a picture from that day, but meh. We’re going with 365 of *my* photos taken somewhat close to the day of posting, and calling it close enough. 🙂

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