Income & Expenses: March!

Greetings and Salutations!

I start an awful lot of my posts that way, I know.

Also, thank goodness “monies” is a word.

So I’m starting these posts because I like to learn how other authors and entrepreneurs do when they’re just starting out. Like, is everyone but me jumping straight to three-figure a month income levels, or is it taking everyone some sweet time? But nobody likes to talk about money, so I don’t come across this kind of post that often.

So I’m going to write it myself.

I have March data, and while I thought I was going to make these posts weekly, I think perhaps I will make them monthly. I really don’t know. We’re going to see how this goes.

So, for March!


I bought two things in March I think are going to help. One was Grammarly. It was 40% off as part of their March Madness sale, bringing the price into the reasonable range for me.

Here’s my justification: I need a second set of eyes, even computer generated ones, to find the silly little mistakes and misspellings and times when I’ve used the wrong word but spelled it right. I would like to get to the point when I can hire a human for such things (I even know such a person), but right now, I’m going to trust a computer and my own eyeballs.

The second thing I purchased in March was a Chromebook (referral link). It is going to be only a writing computer, although not my only writing computer because I still do an awful lot of writing on my Toshiba Satellite (the one I’m using right now, in fact). The issue with my Toshiba is that it’s also a computer that can play Minecraft, and I have two youths in the house who love Minecraft. So the justification for the Chromebook: to have a light computer that is only for writing that I can take to the places I go to write at regularly.

Grammarly – $69
Chromebook – $180


Income! I had some, by some stroke of luck. It wasn’t much, only a dollar and change, in fact. But here’s the interesting thing: I haven’t published anything since May of last year. Last May I published under a pen name and earned a little from it. Now, another sale.

So the desire to get more books up for sale is strong, and I have one I just need to finish spell-grinding to get it there.

Smashwords – $1.21

Sums Up

So right now, obviously, I’m spending more than I’m earning. That is to be expected for Starter Editions of Writers. What I’d like to do until I have another one of these to report is to sort out business finance solutions. Like, do I need a separate checking account or a separate PayPal? (Hint: I’m pretty sure at this moment, I don’t. I’m still operating as a Sole Proprietorship, so it would just be for personal, ease of bookkeeping reasons I might do that.) And maybe think about different marketing things. I have a little experience with marketing, actually. So that could be fun.

Bye until next time!

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    1. Agreed. When someone claims on Reddit that they’re bringing in 5 figures a month, I want all the damn details, you know? So here they are.

  1. I haven’t made a dime off of my published novel yet. At some point I will, because I have sold copies, but I don’t get a check until it reaches a certain dollar amount.

    Hopefully I will reach that dollar amount soon, since I will be publishing my second novel soon! I don’t have a separate account, but I do keep a spreadsheet of how many novels I’ve sold.

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