End one week, start another

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Yesterday started late and ended accordingly. It was a long day of Internet-free writing possibility which didn’t manifest quite as I intended. It ended up being a day of attempted Internet repair, and I came to the conclusion that there’s a critical step when setting up Modems that I simply don’t understand. As I pushed to get a critical task finished, and achieved it late, writing had to take a back seat. I squeezed in 151 blog words and 253 fiction words on Sunday.

Toward the end of the day I pushed to get a critical task finished and achieved it late in the evening, and writing had to take a back seat. I squeezed in 151 blog words and 253 fiction words.

I had a decent showing last week overall.

Weekly total words: 5,605
Weekly total fiction words: 3,721
Weekly total blog words: 1,884
Difference from last week: -15%
Weekly rank: 4 (of 6)

And, currently, I’m at a 36-day writing and blogging streak! My photo challenge is at a 29 day streak, and I think I may break that count out into a separate column in my spreadsheet so it will be easier to see the streak. I’m pleased, as this might not be my longest writing streak, but it is the longest one I’ve tracked.

One Reply to “End one week, start another”

  1. Yay for streaks!
    People who have set up my modems:
    Renee (fixing their duhhh crap)
    RCN (switched after Verizon stopped taking money from my automatic bill pay and instead sent me to collections for money that was in my bank account waiting to be taken… but anyway)
    RCN (they had to come back)
    RCN (they came back again, and now I have to unplug my router every few days for 5 mins because that’s literally the best anyone can do as I’ve stumped 50 employees)

    Good luck.

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