Driving with Neil

I started listening to Neverwhere on my trip. It’s odd, because while it’s clear to me that Neil Gaiman is an excellent writer, and there are some seriously humorous bits in his work, there are also “vast acres of boredom”, as I told my dad. Sometimes my interest just gets lost between the “snort your coffee through your nose” funny bits.

Well, anyway.

1,240 fiction words, 1,442 total words

Those are much closer to the kinds of numbers I want to see every day.

2 Replies to “Driving with Neil”

  1. Not everyone likes every author. Or even every book by an author they like. It’s been years since I read Neverwhere, and although I know I liked it overall, I do remember there were both parts that dragged and parts that were confusing to me. *shrug* (Also, reader can affect the experience.)

    Look at all those words! Very nice!

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