Welcoming 2017

My 2017 Word of the Year #BuJo #NewYearPrep

This is a trend I’ve noticed in the past several years, to have a Word, or a Phrase of the year to keep in mind, to drive your actions forward, to motivate you when you notice you’re lagging, et cetera. I have set a word or two in the past, I believe, but I’ve not felt so good about one as I feel toward this:


The picture pretty much covers the things I wish to give less power over me (or areas which need more power, as the case may be). The result, I hope, will be to free my energy for things which I (and my family) consider truly important to us now.

But a word of the year isn’t a goal. I have those, too.

  1. To reach Pulp Speed One* this year. That’s 1,000,000 words. I wrote 259,909 words last year, so that would be an increase. It’s less than 3,000 words per day, and I will work on my speed until I can hit that mark easily.
  2. To follow Heinlein’s Rules the entire year. That will help a lot with goal number one, but also will help with my word of the year. What are Heinlein’s rules? To write; To finish what’s started; To refrain from rewriting; To put it on the market; To keep it on the market until it sells. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Ultimately, the overreaching objective – the mission, if you will – for 2017 is to start working toward financial freedom (there’s that word again). If I’m writing more, finishing what I write, and get it up for sale, I’ll be on my way.

This blog is here for the mission of 2017, too. I’m counting words here toward my yearly goal. Ultimately I’d like to have my fiction reach Pulp Speed One on its own merits, but that will take time. Until then, I’d like to share how much I’m writing, how the writing feels, and new publications.

That’s what I’ve got. I’m off – there are words to write today.

Putting 2016 to bed

Good evening! My first post on a new blog, and it’s the last one I’ll do this year. That’s okay, though, because 2017 is right around the corner.

In 2016 I managed to write 259,909 words. Probably a handful more, actually – there was a brief time when I was doing a poor job of tracking. I wrote short stories, tried to write novels, and published a bit under a pen name. While the latter half of my year wasn’t as productive, it set a good precedent for what I hope to achieve in the future.

Thanks also to my 2016 writing tracking spreadsheet, I noted quite a few important moments of my year, which are as follows:

Friday, January 1st – I decided to track my words, and notes on the day, for the entire year.

Tuesday, April 19th – Our pet cat of seventeen years passed away.

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Thursday, September 22nd – Spot, a found kitten we spent a week caring for at work, passed away.

Thursday, September 29th – I sprained my ankle badly wearing sandals in the rain.

Friday, October 14th – I brought home four kittens with the intention of keeping two and fostering two.

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Wednesday, November 30th – Our car, new to us in 2002, finally required more service than it made sense to give it and we made the decision to replace it.

There has, of course, been a bit more here and there, but when I think back on the year, these are the things I will remember. I think, with the exception of the losses which cannot be predicted or prevented, it was a good year. (Politics aside. I’m pretty sure we can all agree it was a shitstorm in that arena.)

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully take a few minutes to talk about the things I’m looking forward to in 2017. See you then!