30 fiction words, 254 total words, 2.5 hours on publication

Yesterday I spent more time on publication tasks, mainly fixing the cover formatting of Space Cats.

Yesterday I left writing until the last moment, only putting in minimal effort. I can tell when this happened in Space Cats – I ended up with rambly chapters that don’t really go anywhere fast because I was only writing 50-200 words a day and it was hard to get any momentum going.

Yesterday I was busy at the office and got a lot done using one of those productivity timers, making me want to get one for home when I’m writing. Yes, I could just set a timer. No, it doesn’t work as well. I wish 30/30 made an Android app.

Yesterday is over, today is here, and I wish I was looking forward to the productivity of the weekend. Except it’s not really there anymore, which is a bummer.

I’m right over here

321 fiction words, 758 total words, 4 hours on publication

There was a lot of idle time yesterday which I used to work on Space Cats. Boy, there was a lot to do with that print copy. And then with the ebook, as I caught a fairly big issue with someone’s fur. No one else caught it either, so I’m lucky a breeze-through snapped it to my attention. Who knows what else I missed.

I wrote a little just before bed and generally just stayed up entirely too late (midnight). More fiction than the past couple days, though, at 321 words (758 total words, and 4 hours on publication).

Now that yesterday’s adventure is over, I hope I can settle down a bit. At least until next week. Today should be routine with a side of “crap, everything I didn’t do yesterday has to be done a week ago.” Should be fun.

Morning is broken

55 fiction words, 402 total words, .5 hours on publication

Maybe that’s not how the song goes? Meh, it’s fine.

Yesterday was awesome in that I got the proof copy for Space Cats. I found lots of mistakes, so I’m going to go through and fix all the things, and then set it out into the world. I’ve done this before, so hopefully, one swipe will do it. Inevitably something else will slip through, but I can only fret about it so much before it’s unproductive.

The cover, though. So adorbs!

I got a little bit of formatting done for A Brief History, but with Tuesday and everything, not a ton got done.

We are also entering Concert Season, and with that comes Anxiety. I spent a good chunk of last night preparing for today, making a list of all the things that need to happen and by when so I feel organized and can see that yeah, things really are going to be fine and I can worry a little less. It helps to a degree, but there’s still some nerves floating that we won’t make an appointment, or not everyone will find seats. I know it will be fine, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it.

So with all that, I wrote a little bit (55 fiction words, 402 total words, .5 hours on publication), but not all that much. Just enough to keep a streak going, think about my characters, worry that I’m not describing enough, that kind of thing. When life settles a bit I’ll probably take another swipe through and see if I can work on those things without sacrificing the pacing I’ve already established.

Nothing is going as quickly as I want, with writing or publishing. I don’t know whether to beat myself up for not trying hard enough or to acknowledge that I’m a Writer (Starter Edition) with a family and a full-time office job and that I need to cut myself a little slack (but not too much). I suspect it’s the latter, but the former is so easy.

One more day into the week

93 fiction words, 382 total words, 1 hour towards publishing

Greetings and salutations! I have fifteen minutes to get this banged out, so here goes.

Yesterday was pretty productive. I spent an hour finishing up the ebook formatting for A Brief History for Smashwords and Amazon. That done, I turned to the print formatting for about three seconds before I got sidetracked with writing a new author’s bio. I like it, I really like it. It’s kind of odd and not as professional as before but I love it and it still has all the important information it’s supposed to (who am I? what have I done?) so it’s done.

I wrote a tiny bit in the morning before leaving for work because I forgot the day before entirely. I didn’t want to repeat that at all. 93 fiction words (382 total words) was my total for the day. I meant to go back and get some more description in a few places, but by the time I was done with formatting it was time for bed.

I think I’m finally feeling back up to par after a week of phlegm and sore throats. Hopefully today I can be less disgusting at work.

Tonight is writing group, which I’m looking forward to even as I realize I may not get a darned thing done. I’m taking print formatting with me to do, because that doesn’t require original creation, just absent-minded attention. Lots of, “Do I want this here, or there?” Easy stuff.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

Starting a busy week

DAILY: 0 fiction words, 1104 total words, .75 hours toward publishing

I’m getting ready to start a week where everything is not the same as always. There are additional events to attend and things in the schedule to juggle, and these things make me anxious. I’ll be relieved and back on track sometime after next Thursday.

That’s a long time to be on edge.

Surprisingly, the past week went well for words. I’m going to blame the blog because I wrote considerably more there than in fiction. See yesterday (0 fiction words, 1104 total words, .75 hours toward publishing) as a prime example.

Yesterday itself was productive in that I wrote three blog posts before bed, but not at all because I didn’t get any fiction done. That’s a disappointment – I really like my story. I did get some editing done, working on getting A Brief History‘s ebook formatted. Once that’s done I’ll turn to the print interior, print exterior, then ebook cover. I need the cover blurbs, too. That will probably be the only challenge.

Statblock - week 19

May fiction total: 1,934
April fiction total:
March fiction total:
February fiction total: 9,217
January fiction total: 18,615
2017 fiction total: 58,156

I hope everyone’s Monday is smooth and if not relaxing, at least not anxiety-producing.

A to Z Reflections – #AtoZChallenge

Oh, hai!

I “participated” in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.


And I have opinions on it!

  1. What I wrote in April I had more or less pre-scheduled. I wrote a lot during April, but I had it up and ready to go at least by the day before. That was super helpful, and I intend to do it that way again the next time I participate.
  2. I didn’t comment well on other blogs. As much as I loathe the word “Linky”, the Linky List (for the love of PETE can’t they call it something else?!) was much easier for discovering new blogs. Posting a comment every day didn’t work for me, although it might have if posting a comment on the A to Z Challenge blog had ever worked. (I think Blogger and I have issues.) The thought of going to Facebook or wherever to post a comment just felt too scattered. I tagged every post with #AtoZChallenge and publicized to Twitter, but got little results. Then again, I didn’t comment well on other blogs. So there’s that.
  3. The book I wrote and based April’s challenge on (Space Cats in Space) will be up for sale shortly, this month, and A Brief History of Space Cats, and the Care and Feeding Thereof will be available as a separate book shortly thereafter. In print and ebook. Because WORDS, MY FRIEND. I’M IN LOVE WITH WORDS.
  4. My friends write the best blogs, but I discovered a new one I love, too. Go check out Anjela Curtis and her entries. They were lovely.

That’s all I have. Prescheduled, because I’m awesome. 😉

Evening has come

328 fiction words, 575 total words, .5 hours on publication

Well, then! Weekends are fun, but apparently, I haven’t done a great job of wrangling my tool out of the hands of my adorable children. That’s okay. They had fun, I got things done.

Yesterday is what I’m here for.

Even though I didn’t write a lot of words (328 fiction words, 575 total words, .5 hours on publication), they felt really, really good. I like where this new story is going, though I don’t have any particular title in mind or even a target for where I’m going. Currently, I have one grumpy adult male, one perky, lonely 8-year-old girl, one out of place butler, and one very perky elementary school principal. The girl causes trouble, the butler is trouble, the principal is trying to prevent trouble, and the grump…well, I’m not sure about him. He’d rather be left alone, I think.

Well, anyway. I like it. I’m going back for more tonight.

Yesterday I also tried to get the ebooks for Space Cats all set up so when I get the print proof and approve it, things can go up for sale relatively at the same time. It worked well with Amazon, not so well with Smashwords. It didn’t take long, so I’ll just do that once I have the print copy ready to go.

Today I didn’t have any particular publishing goal in mind, but I need to work on getting 002 checked, and A Brief History ready for publication, too. And I wanted to have all three books up by the 15th so I could start concentrating on 004 and get it done by the end of the month. Still a possible goal, since I’m only seven days in. I just need to focus.

That’s what the rest of tonight is for, since I’m all caught up with regular chores.

Wish me luck!

Late, but not forgotten

349 fiction words, 579 total words, .25 hours on publication

Hi! When I travel with both children, access to my laptop is incredibly limited. And I didn’t make time to do my post on my phone – I wouldn’t have been able to do my header image anyway. So here it is, almost 8:15, and I’m just getting to the point where I can do all the things I usually have accomplished by 9 a.m.

I’m only 12 hours late.

No big deal.

So! Yesterday had the usual distractions. A long day at work, tons of new Minecraft videos, that sort of thing. But I got all my tasks done and didn’t have to push anything forward to today. And when I sat down to write, I fell into a nice little groove with the words. I only did a small 349 fiction words (579 total words) and .25 hours on publication, but they were good words.

Charging forward or plugging forward, I need to remember that at least I’m writing words and developing and improving my the daily habit that will help me write harder when I have the time.

Righto. So I won’t say anything about today yet – that’s for tomorrow. But I will start working on April’s Monthly Review data for tomorrow’s post.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Yay, Friday?

79 fiction words, 605 total words, 1 hour toward publication

I got my cover finished and both the interior and cover uploaded to CreateSpace for Space Cats and got the review process in motion. The next step, after I finish this post, is to get the proof copy ordered. Then I can start working on the ebook covers. (The interiors of the ebooks have been formatted for quite some time.)

Once those are done, I’ll start working on A Brief History and 002. The former will get the same print and ebook treatment as the one I’m working on now, while 002 (I still need a title) is going to just get done as an ebook for now.

I wrote nearly nothing yesterday, having let myself get sidetracked by Minecraft. I wrote 79 fiction words, 605 total words, and put about 1 hour toward publication.

May the 4th (be with you)

286 fiction words, 554 total words, 1.5 hours formatting

And also with you!

Heh. Sorry, leftover from days when I went to church and was asked to go around shaking hands. I should have used this particular phrase then. The practice might have been more fun.

Yesterday was one of those days when I was busy all day long, I got a lot done, but I didn’t actually get anything done that I had intended to get done. Does that make sense? Well, that’s only half true. At the office, I intended to get two things done that didn’t happen. But, I got one other large task completed along with another surprise task. You really can’t get too upset about that kind of thing, you know?

At home, I completed the cover for Space Cats! I may not be a book cover artist (those guys are amazing, by the way), but I’m kind of proud of what I did. It’s not too shabby, I think I’m going to like looking at it, and it doesn’t look slapped together.

So now with the interior and cover completed, I can get started on the print copy. It involves uploading some files, getting nervous about the state of the proof copy that I’ll need to order, and some patience. I’m going to have to find some patience.

Oh, words! I wrote 286 fiction words, 554 total words, and spent 1.5 hours formatting. That was the point of all this.

Although I just thought of something else. I had two very different, very real conversations about writing yesterday in a space that I don’t often admit to my passion.

The first conversation started when someone came to me asking if when I write something down, don’t I feel like I really should be a writer? I answered no, actually, I am a writer. This, I gestured at my office, is not me. The other person’s reaction was unclear, whether they were surprised at my declaration

The second conversation started when someone was talking about how to get her business started, and the only advice I could think of was a question I’d learned in a seminar. Would I be better off writing? And as a baby writer, yes. So I told her that, and how it applies to her position. She wouldn’t be writing, of course, but doing the activities that are critical for her career. And then we started talking about how can you find the time to write, and my answer was NaNoWriMo. And then she said she has a youth that likes to write, and my answer was YWP. And then she said she has an elder that likes to write shorts, and my answer was NaNoWriMo again. So I need to take her a booklet if I still have any. It’s on my list.

Well, this was a lot of words. I’m going to get moving. Have a lovely Star Wars Day!