Blue Skies

A blue sky dotted with white cotton ball clouds
Patterns in the skies

This is the first photo I’ve really edited before posting, to remove some wires and to make a closer match to what my eye saw this morning. These are the skies that will be delivering rain later today, according to Google weather. It reminds me of the fake snow one purchases to plant around Christmas Village displays. You buy it in a roll, then pull and tug to create realistic snow, showing the road sometimes, covering everything others. Except it’s across the sky, and it is actually capable of creating precipitation. At least it won’t be frozen.

2 Replies to “Blue Skies”

  1. I played in frozen fog last night. I don’t think I’ve dealt with that before.

    Cloud falls down. Cloud freezes. Windows forget how to defrost.

    Yeah. It was interesting.

    1. That sounds very odd. I hope you don’t have to do that often. While the temperature is your favorite, I want you to drive safe!

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